Angelcard reading 22-28 of september

This can be a powerful week if you use it well .

It is important that the decisions you make are from you heart . Stand up for yourself and what you believe in! Make sure to have structure and organization around you so it will be easier for you to be clear about your decision . Clutter around us makes us have a harder time taking wise decisions . So make sure you clean up around you this week .


Once you have cleared around you , it’s much easier to see the guidance that you actually have when you ask for it. Then you will see the small signs that make you come closer and closer to your goal . It may be something you suddenly notice or somehing that you hear someone else talk about. Pay attention to the small details is what takes you on the right track .


You have planted your seeds well , so drop the concern that it seems to stand still. Because when you have a clean space around you, notice that it is easier for you to hear the guidance that is meant for you.


Clear the house , closets, your office , garden, wallet , handbag, circle of friends or wherever you have it messy that affects you .


Have a great week!

Angel card reading 15-21 September

Let go of your fears! You can with your fear create a false sense of captivity. Remember that we ourselves create our reality. Fear limits us so much. Call upon Archangels Michael and Raphael to help you by taking away that kind of energy away from you.

When you break your fear, you will notice that it becomes easier to find the magic of the little things in life. Expect that things will be better now.

Open your eyes and see with gratitude on your life instead of with fear. Then you might even dare to do a new challenge this week.

Look for the positive reply regarding the economy this week.

Remember to book  something that makes you happy this week and spend time with loved ones <3

Now have a wonderful week and dare to jump into something new and remember to have fun while doing it!

Angelcard reading for week 37

This week  your cards ask you to pay attention to things that repeat themselves in your life. What “lesson” is that you must learn in order to move forward in your life?
The fact is that life sends us things we’ll get through in order to grow and become an even better version of ourselves. So this week was very aware of things that seem to have a pattern in your life, it’s time to deal with them once and for all. What is your lesson in all this?

If you just pay attention and you will find out lots of things this week. You will get the feeling of satisfaction to know and be able to move on to new exciting goals. Make up new long-term plans and make yourself ready to finish things that no longer serve any purpose in your life. But be sure to end in a good and loving way so that you need not be in conflict with others. Be a good team player.

And remember to be thankful for everything good and wonderful you already have in your life.